Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sun Gazing Progress -- 1st Jan 2009

I reached 3 minutes 40 seconds of Sun Gazing today.

I don't remember the exact date when I started. It was sometime during 30th Nov or 1st December.

Waking up early is the biggest challenge of my life. So I do Sun Gazing only during the evenings. The Sunrise and Sunset timings are available on many websites. Initial weeks were a bit frustrating because of the cloudy Bangalore weather. I would run to my office terrace and be disappointed to find the Sun hidden behind the clouds. But now-a-days, especially since last one week, the sky is pretty clear and Sun is brightly visible. So I hope to make more progress in the new few weeks.

I did derive some benefits from the practice so far. Nothing remarkable. Just a few observations below:

1. Up until a few weeks ago, I would do all I can to avoid the Sun. Wear Sun glasses all the time to "protect" my eyes. But now I realize what I have been missing. I still use dark Glasses while driving at noon or when the Sun is too bright. But at other times I take them off and I don't feel any strain whatsoever.

2. I felt very energetic after doing SG the first few days.

3. Some days I had headaches which vanished in a few hours time.

4. One important thing I realized is that Sun Gazing really is safe. If you can look at your computer monitor for 8 hours a day, then you can look at the Sun too. Especially when the Sun is close to horizon it becomes deep orange in colour and is very mild. It feels as though I can stare at the Sun for as long as I want and not feel any burning or watering in my eyes. But as HRM rightly says, "Don't hurry. Go slow. Sunlight is not fast food!!" So I make it a point to increase the duration by only 10 seconds per day.

5. Another thing I noticed is that the ability of my eyes to look at brightness has improved. Earlier, thanks to my habit of wearing Sun Glasses all the time while driving and while out in the Sun, my eyes couldn't handle too much brightness. Now it's better.

The best is this:
Since last few days, almost immediately after I finish the process, my mind becomes silent. The usual mental noise and clutter reduces at least for an hour or so.

They say: "The only creature on earth capable of conscious thinking is human being. But unfortunately, most human beings don't think. Thoughts happen to them". For most of us, thinking is an involuntary activity. Thoughts just happen and we have no control over what goes on in our own minds. How about having some silence in your mind for a change? "Silence is golden". Well, Silence in your surroundings is definitely Golden. But silence inside of you is much more valuable. What if one could have a utterly silent mind all the time and thinking becomes a process one can do as per one's own will ? After all, we experience our world only through our thoughts. Everything we see, experience, feel is ultimately converted to a thought. Imagine having absolute control over how we feel and think no matter what happens around us. Wow !

I will get my eyes tested by end of January. Lets see how it goes...will post again when I have more to say...

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